Self Healing Course - Module 1: Levels of Being

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Why create a self-healing course?

As a healer I have found that visualisations and self awareness exercises can be valuable tools (for both myself and within my clients) to enhance healing. Understanding who we are as multidimensional beings can make a huge difference in healing because to understand and be who we actually are is to be healed - to be one with our 'true selves', in this moment and in every moment of our lives (balanced between the internal and external worlds).

If we need healing then some aspect of our being (either in the present or from the past) must technically be off track (or otherwise struggling with something we need to learn and master, in order to optimise our growth and development). The trouble is understanding just where it is within our beings we are off track (or struggling with) in relationship to the 'healthy self' within. If we have not been educated about our multidimensional selves from traditional life education, then if, and when, we get into trouble (e.g. suffer an illness or other life issue), we may find ourselves in a situation where we have no idea what is happening to us and why, nor how to tap into all of this in order to bring us back into balance. We unconsciously (via faulty attachments) feed the dis-ease rather than the health (ease) and thus get caught up in difficulties and issues of life, chasing after things which bring no true happiness and being ignorant of the things that bring true meaning to our lives (and not able to tell the difference between the two).

For many years clients have been asking me to record some of my meditations because they have found them educational and helpful in order to 'tune in' and become conscious of the relationship between what is already healthy within and the parts of our multidimensional being which are 'out of sync'. Once this relationship between the real (healthy self) and the not-self (i.e. via our often unconscious identification and attachments to thoughts, beliefs, memories, worries, feelings, energies and objects etc) is clear, it is then easier to detach from our issues and work from our inner health to clear them. In this way we become increasingly more healthy and aware of who we are and how we can harmoniously interact with the external world without being lost in it.

Thus, I have developed these educational tools to: 1) create some educational awareness about our multidimensional nature (a prerequisite to get the most out of the following meditations) and 2) share with you some visualisation-meditation exercises designed to help you to tap into your own multi-dimensional being and self-heal.

What do we cover?

Module 1 in this self-development and healing course (levels of being) contains over 2 hours of audiovisual material (power point type format) which includes:

  • A discussion of the levels or being (i.e. an overview of our multidimensional selves)
  • How to use visualisation as a tool to self-investigation and healing
  • The Mountain Pool Meditation
  • The Building of Self Meditation

(Note: Price is in U.S. Dollars)

I hope you find this information both educational and useful.

Paul Turner

Testimonials (about this material or classes discussing this material):

1. This is a one of a kind course on self-exploration and self-healing, deeply profound yet so very simple. Paul is a great intuitive teacher. In this course he demystifies complex philosophical and existential concepts explaining them plainly with lots of examples from his professional and personal experience. His theory is thought provoking and his meditations are incredibly powerful. The simple concepts that Paul teaches are applicable not just for self-healing but also for healing our relationships with other people and external world. I have found Paul’s tools to be very practical not just for meditations to self-heal, but also to help me stay more self-aware and balanced in everyday situations and handle stress much better. I highly recommend this course to anybody working on personal and spiritual growth as it offers a great opportunity to improve, deepen and speed up progress on self-healing and self-awareness journey. (V.O.)

2. I enjoyed going to Paul's classes, he provided interesting and helpful insight into how the world is set up on many plains and how we attract or can diffuse illness, how to check and centre yourself to ensure you are following your divine guidance. Paul is a beautiful and enlightened soul whose presence alone is quite therapeutic. His guided visualisation meditations were especially enlightening and a great way to bring attention to an issue. The opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm ideas for a particular issue with Paul and other group participants was also very handy at times. All in all, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend the classes! (I.C.)

Your Instructor

Paul Turner
Paul Turner

I am a practising Osteopath involved in clinical practice since 1993 and health care education (in manual therapies) since 1996. My interest is in supporting a holistic multidimensional approach to health care education and practice. This approach helps integrate holistic with biomedical approaches and bridges the gap between holistic concept and its practical implementation.

I have found that when students and practitioners understand this model it creates deeper context and awareness about what is actually happening behind the scenes (i.e. behind the symptomatic picture). In other words, by being able to assess for and uncover the underlying patterns of dysfunction (the 'what else') setting the stage for dis-ease or injury or otherwise slowing its recovery this helps to better inform the treatment and rehabilitation process. Understanding the relationship between 'what else' is happening behind the scenes and the symptomatic tissues has especial relevance in the understanding and management of patients suffering chronic and complicated health issues.

With this in mind it is with great pleasure that i offer this material to you to help improve awareness, understanding, assessment and management skills and help optimise health outcomes.

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